This document helps Cisco customers and business partners deploy the Cisco UCS X440p PCIe Node onthe Cisco UCS X210c M6 Compute Node in Cisco UCS X-Series systems in a FlashStack environment. Thedocument describes the X440p PCIe Node and its components and the hardware and softwarerequirements for installing this node on the X210c M6 Compute Node. The document also shows how toverify the installed X440p PCI Node on servers in the Cisco Intersight interface after installation.This document demonstrates the installation and verification of multiple operating systems on the X210cM6 Compute Node with the X440p PCIe Node installed. The document also explains how to verify multipleoperating systems on the X210c M6 Compute Node with the X440 PCIe Node installed and describes theNVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) capability on VMware vSphere, which allows customers to share a single GPUacross multiple virtual machines. For each operating system, this document presents the main stepsrequired to boot from Pure Storage and install drivers and licensing from NVIDIA.